If you have studied American History, or seen the movies, you’ve heard about the California gold rush in the mid 1800’s. People traveled from all over the country, even the world, to cash in on the “mountains” of gold that were simply waiting for the adventurous entrepreneur. If you studied it well, you learned something beneath the surface of the obvious objectives of the “seekers of fame and fortune” and discovered that, as a group, it wasn’t the miners who struck it rich; it was the people selling the tools and services TO the miners that made their fortunes.

I am reminded of that as I put on my student trappings and delve into the world of Web Design and Development. In today’s economy, people are embracing, in larger and larger numbers, “non-traditional” means to make ends meet and secure their financial freedom. A lot of that activity is occurring in the Network Marketing / Multi-Level Marketing arena, with HEAVY emphasis on using social media and the internet to build your organization. That led to “Maximizing your image”, your brand, your “web presence” that then spun off additional opportunities to provide THOSE products and services. At the core of all of that, of internet exposure and audience capturing, is…WDD. The ones sitting next to me, and around the globe, that are learning how this works and how to create it from scratch, are the “General Stores” and pick ax  suppliers of the 21st century, imho. They stand..well sit..poised on the edge of a financial future that may even surpass their own expectations, and that of their eager miners.


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